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"A different time and place, where simplicity, quality, and authenticity are a way of life..."

This is the vision of Provence that in 2002 inspired Jane Comyn and Ruth Watson to create Branche d’Olive.  The two long-time friends spent years traveling the Provençale countryside, where they developed a passion for the local custom and culture.  Immersing themselves in Provence, they mastered the centuries-old tradition of triple-milled soap making, sourcing their signature fragrances from the finest local ingredients.

Over the years, Ruth and Jane expanded their brand to include luxury goods for the home and body, creating a one-of-a-kind product line that represents the traditions of old-world Europe.  Through its classically minimalist packaging and elegant scents, Branche d'Olive pays homage to the simplicity, quality, and authenticity that is Provence. 

Today, Branche d'Olive is sold throughout Europe and North America, and Ruth and Jane continue to travel and live part-time in Provence where they work with local savonniers and perfumers to ensure the past endures.

Handcrafted With Love,

Branche d'Olive